11 April 2011

In other "Airbrushing the Politburo" news

What the fuzzy-bunny lamestream media does best...
“I have some commitment which is compelling me to leave now but we have completed our mission with the brother leader Gadhafi,” Mr. Zuma said after the talks.
Zuma, Zuma... that sounds so familiar...
From the outside it looks as if South Africa's miracle is over. Jacob Zuma, the former Deputy President who was charged with rape and may soon be charged with corruption, is about to become President of the African National Congress and is likely to be the next president of South Africa.
Funny how the Globe managed to skip over that little detail.


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-- Will Ross - BBC News, Nairobi, Kenya -- Any intervention which does not involve the removal from power of Muammar Gaddafi will be seen by some as the AU saving the Libyan leader. It has often been accused of standing up for the incumbents and is criticised as being a club which serves the interests of the continent's presidents more than the people.

The situation is muddied by money. Col Gaddafi has bankrolled the AU for years and he has bought friends in Africa.
Why can't these guys be more like Egypt... wait a minute...