18 April 2011

"Real men" don't worry about perjury

I'd love to see Michael Ignatieff giving sworn testimony...liar, liarYou can publicly lie to a whole country... I imagine you can lie anyplace, anytime.
"Liberals say they will post an online poll Monday asking Canadians which new Harper quote on health care they should use to replace one 'that was inaccurate'."
"Inaccurate", huh? Looks like Hanoi Jane is still buckin' for that Senate seat.

You've gotta love the automatic Fiberal reaction here... get caught... and instead of retracting & apologising, you call your opponent a wuss.

Is there anything Michael Ignatieff wouldn't say or do to become Prime Minister.

The answer seems pretty clear.

Meanwhile... in other "the childrens is r futcher" news... I'm with Kate... let them eat debt.


"it appears to me, I see Harper demanding a majority, or the separatists are gonna fornicate with your daughters goddamit!"
Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.