10 April 2011

Come back, Stephane...

...all is forgiven...
the puffin king
"The more he claims to have modest roots — as he did when he said his immigrant father came off the boat in 1928 'without anything' (in fact, by his own account in his book The Russian Album, the family had assets enough to buy land in Britain and send all their school age sons to elite schools in Canada) — the less convincing it sounds."
Yeah... let's take a closer look at Count Ignatieff's humble beginnings...
"Ignatieff entered Upper Canada College, perhaps the most elite school in the country as an 11-year-old boarding student."
Yup... just a regular Joe Sixpack.


"Michael Ignatieff's claim to his parents "boat people" status is an insult to every family that DID come to Canada in 'Clifford Sifton's medicine show'."

"They came from eastern Europe, mostly Ukraine and represented one of the best group of immigrants ever to come here,the Prairie farmers."

"To anyone who knows their story of hardship and perseverance, Ignatieff's comments are a slap in the face."