27 April 2011

If a thousand years of selective breeding...

...and a dash of... divine right of Kings... spits up a half-baked Chuckie Buggerlugs... I'd say it's way past time to reshuffle your playlist...
-- ROSTOCK, Germany -- Karin Vogel wakes up in this graffiti-pocked east German city and drives to the hospital where she is a therapist who counsels elderly people in chronic pain.

If a few thousand people would just disappear, Ms. Vogel would be leading a far more enchanting life. She would be the queen of England.
The Royal Wedding?

Good grief, people... get a life.


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"If you live anywhere in North America, the easiest way to ignore this week’s nuptials between the apparently affable-but-who-cares Bill Windsor and his pretty-but-I-see-girls-twice-as-gorgeous-on-the-subway-every-day bride Kate can be summed up in two words: Sleep in."