20 April 2011

The Million Dollar Man

If only there was a political party with the balls to start cracking down on crime...
-- TORONTO -- Efforts to deport a habitual criminal with 76 convictions have cost taxpayers as much as $1 million — and he may still remain in Canada for another year.

Uriah Walford Steer, who is in a Montreal jail while fighting deportation, is slated for an immigration detention review on April 30.

Steer, 39, of Toronto, has been detained since August 2010 for committing crimes in Montreal. He was sponsored here from Jamaica by a parent in 1993 and deported in 1999 for criminal activity.

He snuck back in 2000 with fake documents and filed a refugee claim that was accepted by an Immigration and Refugee Board. Steer claimed he will be killed if returned to Jamaica.

He has been fighting deportation since 2006.
Do yourself a favour... think before you vote.