16 April 2011

You want the good stuff... ask a Lawyer

Yeah, Rodney... tell us all about "The Good Ship Lollipop"...
Holloway agreed that the Sun Sea's arrival was part of a complex, well-organized and likely profitable operation, but "the intention appears to have been to bring the ship to Canada and report to a port of entry, not to enter Canada clandestinely."
Now, Rod... I'll confess I don't have an LL.B on my business cards... but I do know total horse-puckey when I see a big steamin' pile.

And forgive me for treading on sanctified lawyerly turf... but there's an accepted way (as in legal) to "report to a port of entry"...
"He has a doctorate in chemistry, she has very similar qualifications, they both speak very fluent English (and other languages)... and it still took them almost 4 years and thousands of dollars to get their permanent residency cards."