12 April 2011

Hang on a second... you mean...

...spending 2 billion taxpayer dollars to harrass farmers, skeet shooters and duck hunters... doesn't actually do anything about urban handgun crime?
-- TORONTO -- An alleged gang banger who has twice been acquitted of charges of shooting little boys is once again behind bars for a crime involving a gun.

And the family of 11-year-old Ephraim Brown, one of the two young victims Gregory Sappleton has been accused of shooting, hopes that the 25-year-old stays locked up.

Sappleton was also among three youths arrested following a drive-by shooting in August of 2005 that saw four-year-old Shaquan Cadougan and several others sprayed with bullets outside a townhouse complex on Driftwood Ave., southeast of Jane St. and Finch Ave. W.
Don't you worry, though... he's only an "alleged" gangbanger. I guess that means he won't be in the Ignatieff-approved long gun registry.

Remember, folks... friends don't let friends vote Liberal...
harper majority**********

"not to worry gang bangers and prostitutes who have their 24 sussex contacts lobby for them are all ok eh."
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Oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.


LAST WORD: Bring back the death penalty
Deir believes capital punishment would be appropriate for the killer of her daughter, a repeat offender who was released from a four-year sentence for a similar shooting rampage in Toronto five months before he killed Zaveda.

Ironically, the earlier shooting rampage by Weese was kept hidden from his jury for fear of tainting the verdict.