29 April 2011

I've gotta see what Lloyd & CTV...

...do with this hot tamale, er... potato...
-- TORONTO -- Jack Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996, a retired Toronto police officer told the Toronto Sun.

The stunning revelation about the current leader of the New Democratic Party comes days before the federal election at a time when his popularity is soaring.

At first the policemen didn't realize they were interviewing one of the best-known Toronto politicians who was married to Chow, also a Metro councillor and now the incumbent NDP MP for Trinity-Spadina.
Hmmm... might be time for a little cap & trade...
The officer's notebook indicates he asked the suspected john: "Did you receive any sexual services?"

He replied: "No sir, I was just getting a shiatsu."

The cop: "Why did you have all your clothes off?"

The suspected john: No answer.

The policemen warned the councillor about the dangers of hanging out in suspected bawdy houses that could be run by Asian triads.

"I remembered lecturing him on a lot of these triads, they'd videotape the customers and extort them afterwards. Jack went pale. I said to him you have to understand it's quite possible," he says.

"He came on a bicycle. I escorted him down and he went away on his bike."
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UPDATE: CTV does NDP damage control

On the one hand... there's a police officer AND his notebook...rub-n-tugLloyd simply says Jack Layton was...
"...mentioned in a police officer's memorandum."
And that's it.

And, we're back to another 20 minutes of royal wedding millinery.


RELATED: Waiting for the Liberal spin...

...in three, two, one...
The Prime Minister is a blackmailer.
Of course.


UPDATE2 @11:50: CTV has a political spot...

...every Friday night called "Gallery Talk"... surely they'll delve into this. I mean... they've got Don Martin & Jane Taber... who pride themselves on being "political journalists."

And... silence. Not one freakin' word. If anything it's a Layton lovefest... Jack's at Stornoway... Iggy is toast.

Funny how that works.


LAST WORD: The Globe weighs in
NDP Leader Jack Layton was found in a "massage clinic" when "it was visited" by police in 1996, a report revealed Friday evening, though he was not charged with an offence.

Mr. Layton spoke on the matter to reporters briefly Friday evening. He did not take questions, and went immediately to a rally.
And Globe readers are also quick to throw down...