14 April 2011

Did you know that Stephen Harper...

...is "demanding absolute power?"

I mean... it must be true... the Liberal Party has been bombarding me with this statement for the last couple of hours. They wouldn't lie to us, right?

It just sounds so ominous.

Never mind that the Prime Minister is apparently going to burn our healthcare system to the ground... (a "fact" the Liberals punctuate with a bleeping medical alarm sounding the actual moment of death). This points to a larger agenda.

What other warnings do the Liberals have in store for us? Maybe a sordid tale of Lesbians & Gays being rounded up, electroshocked, tattooed and sent to Baffin Island? Mandatory military training for primary school students?

Far-fetched? Think again.

Remember "Soldiers in our Streets... with guns?"

Wake up and smell the socialist manipulation.


"Is it true that the next phase of the Economic Action Plan involves turning Canada into The Death Star?"