06 November 2009

We gonna go with melting pot...

...or melting down?

Almost 42,000 immigrants have gone underground and are being sought on warrants for deportation -- one quarter of the 160,000 people who are in different stages of removal from Canada, according to just-released government documents.

There are more surprising numbers: More than half being removed are from Greater Toronto, the destination of choice for a staggering 60 per cent of all newcomers to Canada.

Toronto Police Association officials said they're concerned because people facing deportation are desperate and will do anything to escape arrest.

The association has had a lawsuit ongoing for 15 years against the department alleging negligence in the June 1994 shooting death of Toronto Police Const. Todd Baylis by two-time deportee Clinton Gayle.

The document said the top countries for deportation include Mexico, the U.S., St. Vincent and the Grenadines, China and Jamaica.

It said it costs about $1,500 to deport a person without an escort and up to $15,000 for deportees who require two escort officers. In some cases, up to $500,000 is spent to charter a jet to deport dangerous offenders.


Anonymous said...

We've had a Conservative government for awhile now, looks like they're dropping the ball on immigration.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll sneers... dropping the ball"

hmmm, nonny... you mean a minority conservative government don't you?

which is being, i might add, hamstrung at every conceivable turn by the coalition of socialist weasels and the liberal senate.

the conservatives get a majority this time around, i daresay you'll see a little more progress on a wide variety of issues.