22 November 2009

It's an ill-wind, that...

...blows no moonbats...

In an embarrassing blow to the movement to combat global warming, hackers have posted hundreds of e-mails from a world-renowned British institute that show researchers colluding to exaggerate warming and undermine skeptics.

UPDATE: What the fuckin' fuck?!

Are you serious? They just made all this stuff up?
At least one e-mail seems to describe how best to destroy e-mails that might become subject to Access to Information requests: "Can you delete any e-mails you have with Keith...Keith will do likewise.

"Can you also e-mail Gene and get him to do the same?...We will be getting Caspar to do likewise."


Rich said...

Search the emails that have ben referred to for yourself, this is one of the many mirrored sites to the original; the link is:-


Rich said...

A small but important point; the reports have been that hackers were responsible for making the material available.
Perhaps "LEAKERS" or "INFORMED or INSIDE SOURCES" might be more appropriate terms given that a good deal of what has been made available has been confirmed as accurate.

mauser98 said...

carbon pimp Al Gore now a billionaire.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Canada's hard working media, especially the tax $ over-funded, left-leaning, librano-enabling CBC, still has no news item re: Scandal erupting at East Anglia University Climate Research Unit Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research.

I can imagine just how difficult it must be for "professional" "journalists" to track down any information on this story.

I just googled "University of East Anglia Scandal," and got a lead on about 36,000 possible citations about this.

All that possible info, at my unprofessinal nonjournalistic fingertips, in under 0.25 of one second.

It's a tough life for them professionals. I suppose that bias, and blinders teamed with an absolutely pathological hatred of anything that isn't lined up with their thinking [at this juncture, read "irrational, pathological hatred of anything Conservative"] had them blinded to the truth, allowing them to swallow that DaveGoreAlSuzuki line - hook, line and sinker.

Harper might just find himself proven right. Righter than most, when he contended that the Global Warming charade is not much more than a left-driven attempt to force re-distribution of capital.

Speaking of which, I would imagine that Al Gore, Founder and Chief beneficiary of the Al Gore Global Warming / Carbon Trading PONZI SCHEME, will lead by example and return his Nobel Prize Medal as well as the millions that came with it. Al will obviously and most certainly have to extend this "law of return" as well, to the approx. 350,000,000 pounds sterling his "Exchange" has winkled out of the gullible cleric stooges of the Church of England.

hooooh-HAH! garryowen!



Neo Conservative said...

anybody hearing anything from the suzuki-nauts?


Rich said...

At Watt's Up With That...a great site..the latest article seems to suggest that the actual computer programming, at least in one instance, was designed to give researchers the results they wanted and to obscure the truth.
The implications are huge.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... designed to give researchers the results they wanted"

ain't pseudo-science grand?