18 November 2009

OHIP, eHealth... now HST

Remember way back when... you know... you used to have a say in what the government did with your money?

-- TORONTO -- Premier Dalton McGuinty won't agree to hold public hearings on the HST across Ontario, but says he expects voters will pass judgment on the new tax in 2011.

McGuinty says people can call talk radio or write letters to the editor about the 13 per cent single sales tax, adding he'd be surprised if voters don't consider the HST in the next Ontario election.
Just don't be bothering Dalton about it... 'cos he's not listening.


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...the left is in disarray...
In October, Obama only garnered a 47% approval on the economy; now it’s 43%. Disapproval on Afghanistan rose to 49%, up seven points in a month.

Both are issues on which Obama has tried to be seen as taking charge, and Americans increasingly wonder if he’s up to the task.


Unknown said...

Has Dalton ever shown he listens ever? Has he ever shown that he takes responsibility? Has he ever shown he had integrity?

The sins of McGuinty's arrogance have not come to roost, as he has shown his true self and Ontarians have re elected him to another majority.

If the majority that voted for him actually believe in what he is doing, actually awake and aware, I must realize that this is not my parent's Ontario, nor the one I believe in.

Thank god I'm a country boy, there are still men and women of common sense around here.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is... you get the kind of government you deserve.

if people won't wake up and smell the conman... it's on us.


Martin said...

McGuinty also restricted hearings for his Green Energy Bill to a few cities. Written submissions closed a couple of days after Easter Monday, ensuring that many were caught in post, that being the longest (4 day) period in the year with no mail. In any case he doesn't listen to briefings, his mind is made up.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe he's counting on the sheeple to just not give a shit.

it worked for him last time around.