22 November 2009

Stephane, cher... where's my jockstrap?

Looks like Janine Krieber got tired of being a "good little girl."

Now, if the Liberals ever decide to hold an actual leadership election... instead of, you know... another glitzy coronation... they could do worse than a shoot-from-the-hip, hard-charger like Ms. Krieber.

Of course, all that depends on whether Professor Milquetoast is willing to back the straight-up-the-middle-play... which, of course, in this particular instance, as with so many others... he wasn't.

Sources say Mr. Dion, a Montreal MP, was not involved in producing the note and that people in his camp persuaded Ms. Krieber to delete the message earlier Saturday.
And what heinous words did Mrs Steffi dare impart to the Facebook masses? Something you're not gonna hear any of the backroom boys say out loud...
“The party base understood in 2006 and Canadian citizens are understanding now. Ignatieff's supporters didn't do their homework. They didn't read his books. They contented themselves with his ability to navigate the cocktail circuit.”

“Some of them are enraged today. I hear: 'Why didn't anyone tell us about him?'"

"We told you, loud and clear. You didn't listen.”
Hey, Michael... you think they're still holdin' that slot for you at Hah-vuhd?

You might wanna check on that.


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Ignatieff's pre-planned absence from the Commons during the detainee debate sparked speculation that the leader wasn't comfortable with the issue, given past writings which some critics allege amount to justifying the use of torture on terrorist suspects.

Ignatieff has always vehemently denied endorsing torture of any kind but Krieber's broadside against his written "insanities" only added fuel to the fire.

FROM THE COMMENTS: The compassionate, intellectual left responds...
"The Liberal Party of Canada may be a fucking disaster these days but you're still the biggest tit around."


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party of Canada may be a fucking disaster these days but you're still the biggest tit around.

Michael Harkov said...


Welcome, readers from Canadian Cynic. Is that you Liberal Supporter? Not much for you to be positive about these days, eh? :D

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Nah! Libranos got much cause for joy today.

Iggy and Rae backstab Steffi.

They toss a PhD Dion under a train.

PhD Iggy endorses Ross "...I must have accidentally inhaled that grass at some wild party I happened to inadvertently walk through..."

He's not even in House and he's already got that whole "entitlement and it's somebody else's fault for the f**k-ups in life" spiel down to a T.

"He nailed that cop-out!!" WOW!! They always do.



Rich said...

She said more than is reported in the link.
In the earliest G&M report,(link below), there was this additional nuclear blast from her which was not in the later report:-
"The message, a copy of which was obtained by The Globe, says the party "is falling apart, and will not recover." It also blames "the Toronto elites" for being out of tune, arrogant and unrealistic."

Anne in sw ON said...

I take it that you'd prefer to stick with the disaster, anon at 9:07. Some choice! Hope you can tread water because your ship's sinking and Donolo is not a lifeboat capable of saving all the party passengers.

Rich said...

It's a bit of a bad day for Iggy as the hits just keep coming.
There should be a movie about all this; I suggest it be called:- Mutiny on the Good Ship "Lollypop".

Anonymous said...

I agree with what she said, but Dion is also a typical Quebec academic of the old school completely out of touch with real life.

Neo Conservative said...

anon says... a typical Quebec academic of the old school "

shouldn't stop steffi from helping out by carrying olo krieber's bags... after all... that's what he does best.

unlike, say... the aristocratic puffin king.


Rich said...

And more as the death watch continues.

From Colby Cash at Macleans blog.

"That Krieber manifesto, short version
by Colby Cosh on Sunday, November 22, 2009 6:59am - 18 Comments
1. I believe the Liberal Party of Canada is destined to become a miserable component of ephemeral coalitions, like the liberal parties in Europe, because it refused to submerge its identity in an ephemeral coalition, the way the liberal parties in Europe did.

2. Our party was inherently doomed from the moment Mr. Martin ousted Mr. Chr├ętien. So my husband’s subsequent leadership really never had a chance. Nonetheless, given a chance, my husband certainly could have saved the party; it would be quite wrong to suggest that it was doomed.

3. Nothing good at all can come of using polls to attack a party leader, but did I happen to mention how badly Mr. Ignatieff is doing in the polls?

4. I dream of a party where the order of the day is happiness, and not assassination. Now excuse me for a few moments while I disassemble, clean, and conceal this fragrantly smoking .50-calibre rifle I’ve just noticed lying at my feet."

fernstalbert said...

OUCH! Buckshot from a close distance. The long gun registry didn't stop this drive by. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

that next liberal party caucus meeting might just be a bit awkward.