26 November 2009

It's all relative, isn't it?

I mean, compared to the CBC, or Lloyd & Lisa... these guys are gonna be the McNeil-Lehrer of the jihadi-sphere...

The CRTC approved a request to carry Qatar-based network Al Jazeera English via satellite, in a decision released Thursday, noting that “AJE will expand the diversity of editorial points of view in the Canadian broadcasting system.”
Heck... no biggie... here's a timely story they can lead off with.

Meanwhile, if you wanna do something useful... wander over here.


UPDATE: Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

Just watched Bobo Fife & CTV's spokesman for the undead, Count Lloyd... bantering back & forth about our "diabolical" Prime Minister.

I'm afraid Al Jazeera's gonna just have to stand in line.



Some Guy said...

Expand the diversity... Right...

Neo Conservative said...

well, justin... here's the guys you should really be afraid of...

"CBC news assures us that with "customizable" news we'll be told "only what matters" to us."


Anonymous said...

I hear most of the presentations to the CRTC were in favour of this abomination. I guess the Muslims were working the phones overtime to get this through.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, anon... here's the deal. we live in a democracy... where the will of the majority drives the development of society.

if muslims, or anyone else for that matter, are prepared to work the system to get their agenda adopted... then they do deserve to win.

you sit on your complacent ass watching your 52 inch wide-screen at your own risk.

so get off your butt & fight for what you feel is right... or you will simply be herded off to the side and dealt with at the winner's leisure.


Anonymous said...

Neo your a twit, the CRC has an obligation to Canadian culture and values non of which exist on Al-Jazeera.

What's next North Korean national?

Multicult is a point in every direction which is the same as no point at all.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... Neo your a twit"

hmmm, nonny... maybe you mean... "neo, you're a twit"?

not literate, not an argument.

but that's how you liberal supporters roll, isn't it?


Kai said...

Yay! Dhimmi TV! I can't wait!