15 November 2009

Yet another shining McGuinty Moment

Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him...

On June 9, 2006, an elderly couple had stopped their car to have a look into the now-famous occupied lands. They were followed by protesters into a nearby Canadian Tire parking lot, surrounded and bullied. The man suffered a heart attack.

Two local cameramen arrived and began filming the scene; OPP officers who were watching it all, but not stopping it, advised them not to get too close. When the protesters spotted the TV crew, the cameraman was assaulted and videotape removed.

Insp. Haggith arrived to see the cameraman with his bloodied face and heard from spectators what had happened.

The turning point came when he overheard a woman talking on the phone to a police dispatcher, saying she wouldn't give her name because she was afraid. "The police won't do anything," the woman said, "Who is going to help us?"

It was, he said, "a perception I could share."


Michael Harkov said...

While he acknowledged that the couple's "peaceful enjoyment of their home was affected from time to time," Mr. Feliciant said they sometimes provoked the natives and are to blame for some of what happened to them, that the whole thing has to be viewed through the lens of aboriginal land claims, that the couple did receive policing, albeit within the context of the so-called "aboriginal framework" that was the OPP bible, and that if bad things happened, well, it wasn't the fault of the government or the OPP.

So it is the victim's fault for being victimized. You see, they just don't understand the "aboriginal framework".

Is there any way that citizens of Caledonia can sue the OPP for breach of contract?

Anonymous said...

good damn thing i wasn't there people would have been seriously hurt, maybe even the damn ignorant lazy cops. i'm sick of this shit in our country.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll yips... good damn thing i wasn't there people would have been seriously hurt"

but libby... people were seriously hurt... by your aboriginal buddies.

and they also burned down a bridge... and trashed a million dollar hydro transformer.

you seem to have overlooked that the cops have obviously been ordered to stand down by their political masters.

i guess that 12 million dollars of taxpayer money dalton used to buy this land doesn't bother you either?

another clumsy troll by the compassionate, intellectual left.

nice that you guys have priorities.


Kai said...

When will the Feds get some balls, and declare the Warriors Societies terrorist organizations. For that is what they are. They have been using fear, the threat of violence, intimidation and more to advance their "cause". This more than meets the definition of terrorism, and it is organized.

The so called "Six Nations" (unwanted interlopers who fled the United States after the Revolutionary War, and who have no real, historical claim to any land in Canada) should be oppsed. The thugs arrested and put in prison for very long terms. And the Feds and Provs should tell them:"We have had enough. Anymore, and we will treat you like the foreign invaders you really are".

I am sick to death of the BS I read about happening in Caledonia. Imagine what would happen if some white guys blockaded an Indian Reserve?

Neo Conservative said...

"kai says... Imagine what would happen if some white guys blockaded an Indian Reserve?"

been there...

"Try this yourself some time... get a bunch of your buddies AND their deer rifles and TRY blockade a four lane highway for a couple of days."

"One caveat though... if you're a middle aged white guy with a regular job and a family... the local SWAT Team is gonna drop you like a crazy girlfriend if you don't immediately disarm and assume the position."