18 November 2009

That's some "spiritual" advisor

In December 2005, several youths listened to Aulaqi's "Constants on the Path of Jihad" speech on a laptop, six months before they were charged among a group known as the "Toronto 18," which was accused of planning to blow up downtown Toronto and military targets, the Toronto Star reported last month.


Anonymous said...

Just a note about how John Moore from CFRB keep pounding the Global-Warming concensus scam.
John Moore's show archives had a interview with a Muslim that product a 40 minute film about how the Toronto 18 were victims of racial profiling and Islamophobia in a post-9/11 era.
The young man claimed that there has NEVER been a Terrorist from Pakistan , but when john mention the London terrorists the man said they weren't from pakistan.
Has anyone notice the scam for the Privacy laws ,the media must censor themselves for what Truths can be printed while the pro-Jihadists can spews falsehoods and lies like the fake islamophobia or Racial profiling.
CAIR made Maher Arar out to be a victim, but during the Inqury we found out he was a draft-dodger from Syria who got a gun permit just after the Montreal massacre, he then married to assure a stay in canada and then left his family in canada to living in a secong home near the Boston Airport used during 9/11/01.
Arar never gave evidence of his Alleged toture by his homeland , but he did post on his website that he first tried to Sue Jordan and then came after us suckers once the case was laughed out of the Courtroom.

The Al-Qaeda manual details how to play the vicitm and alleged Torture when caught before the Sudden Jihad Syndrome suicide mission, BUT....after the mass murder the spin-doctors claim they weren't "true" muslims and must have been provoked into murdering civilians as in Texas.

Welcome to the new Pre-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome where Muslims now act out before being exposed to any stress.