28 November 2009

Our changing world

Have grievance... will travel...

Russia's federal security chief earlier said that an explosive device equivalent to 7 kg of TNT caused Friday evening's deadly derailment. Traces of explosives have been found at the scene and prosecutors have opened a criminal case on charges of terrorism.

Russia's health minister said that the death toll from the attack remained unchanged. 18 people are still missing almost 24 hours after the train went off the rails near the town of Bologoye in the Tver Region, approximately halfway between the capital and St. Petersburg. 96 people were injured.
Only a matter of time Canada.


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Yeah, Peace Moonbeam... you keep on telling yourself that.
Some Scarborough Buddhists are accusing the outlawed Tamil Tigers of setting their temple on fire for a second time, sending three monks fleeing to safety.

Toronto Police were scouring the Maha Vihara Buddhist Meditation Centre, a Sri Lankan temple on Kingston Rd. near Military Trail, yesterday for clues left by arsonists.