20 November 2009

Yeah, sure... "Canadians" my ass

Now that just doesn't sound right... what Canadians are we talking about here?

Hoggan did a second survey of a group of about 1,000 people it termed “thought leaders,” or top members of business, universities, government and the media, and found that for these people, the environment was the most important issue, followed by the economy.

The tracking of elite opinion was done because it often foreshadows views that eventually spread to the general public.
Of course, screw random sampling... AND actual journalism... let's just hear from "our betters".

Way to go, Globe and Mail.


AIRBRUSH UPDATE: From shame to chagrin...

Globe decides to tone down blatant propaganda...

PUNCHLINE: Okay, now I get it...
"Mr. Hoggan, who is also chair of the Suzuki Foundation..."

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My appearance Thursday morning was, to my knowledge, just about the only time that The Current has ever invited a climate change skeptic.

For this I was grateful, even if I wasn’t the headliner on the show that morning: That honour went to James Hoggan, the owner of a public relations firm who was promoting Climate Coverup, his book attacking global warming skeptics.


Anonymous said...

Thats kinda funny!Why?Because it was about this time last summer someone coined the term"Its about the economy stupid!" when the debate in the States was shifting slightly towards foreign policy in the middle of a heated election.Now that we have all hands on deck for the economy,now its the environment?Who do these folks think we are ,God or something?LOL!


Neo Conservative said...

the part i love... is how the "grope & flail" tries to give the impression that "we canadians" are hanging our heads in shame over this issue... when one, this poll is actually a cross-section of this guy's specially selected“thought leaders”... conducted by two, an uber-partisan suzuki-naut... who is three, flogging his book attacking foes of global warning.

i miss actual journalism.


langmann said...

Speaking of actual journalsism, I had the unfortunate experience of hearing Annamarie interview the skeptic on CCC. (I don't normally listen to the Ceeb but I was scanning through the channels and caught it.)

It was the most biased interview I have ever heard. The Ceebites say Fox is biased but this was rediculous.)

She didn't let him finish his sentences, which were suprisingly well structured considering the badgering. She tried pouncing on anything she could.

What is most amazing is that she has no idea of the research done by M&M on the bristlecone hockey stick farce, the work by Pielke, satellite data that has been "adjusted" to fit the ground station data, the ocean temperature, sun spots, and the massive work done by citizens at the grass roots to assess the tragic state of the climate stations across the US that most of our data is based on.

Which means nor do most people. If it weren't for the internet and reading the junk climate papers myself in particular Mann's crappy hockeystick paper I would be as delusional as Annamarie.

But I would Have an excuse. She is supposed to be the journalist, the muckraker, the seeker of truth. Not the political fawn-ITE.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... It was the most biased interview I have ever heard. The Ceebites say Fox is biased but this was rediculous."

speaking of which... (main post updated)... the globe & mail has changed the title of their article here on their web page.


langmann said...

Neo, so true. Oh I forgot the best part. When she had the moron on from the Suzuki foundation, I honestly thought she was going to give him a blow-job on air. It was disgusting.