19 November 2009

There's goes Africa... and pretty much...

...the rest of the entire third world...

Here's a thought... for arguments sake, let's just get on board with the latest media-perpetuated socialist hysteria around the alleged torture of "ALL" prisoners handed over to the Afghani government.

Never mind that one of the tenets of captured Taliban training manuals is for imprisoned jihadis to claim that they have been tortured & otherwise abused by the Christian Crusaders.

Anyway, veracity aside, how about we just totally roll over on this one and refuse to deal with... financially, militarily or otherwise... any & all regimes worldwide that have been accused of abusing their own citizens.

The money that we save on "foreign affairs" alone will pay down the deficit in very short order.

Bye-bye China... I'm sure gonna miss all that cheap plastic lawn furniture.


UPDATE: I'm gonna go with this guy

Former chief of defence staff Rick Hillier said Thursday he never heard suggestions that Canada may have been complicit in the torture of detainees in Afghanistan.

RELATED: Yet more Liberal smoke & mirrors
That's why the Liberals are spitting bullets over these Tory pamphlets: they know that Volpe can't afford to lose another 9,000 votes, but a few more "war crimes" comments from Ignatieff, and they will.

Ignatieff's war crime comments weren't a slip of the tongue; they were the reiteration of Ignatieff's long-held views about Israel -- views that may have been fashionable in Ignatieff's academic circles in the U.K., but that are shockingly out of touch with Canadian political norms.
I can't wait for the next "Fiberal scandal."


LAST WORD: Taxpayers lose... yet again
Remember David Dingwall’s famous testimony that he was “entitled to his entitlements?” The meter was running even as he said it.

Back in 2005, Mr. Dingwall, a former Liberal cabinet minister, was called to explain the expense bills he racked up as Master of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The irony? He billed the mint $39,789 in expenses for appearing at the committee.


e.smith said...

When Canadians have a Liberal government in power, our UN voting record vis-a-vis Israel, has been atrocious. The record stands for itself. While the UN turns a blind eye to real human rights abuses throughout the world, Canada turned its' back on the only democratic government in the Middle East until Harper came along. Even Mrs. Cotler has quit the Liberal Party!!

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

..and don't forget that while good old Joe Volpe is crying about abuse of taxpayer's money, even Dingwal ran as runner-up to Volpe in the "Teddy" awards, given by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for worst abuse of taxpayer dollars in 2006.

Neo Conservative said...

just listened to lloyd robertson & roger smith on ctv... once again accusing the government of being complicit in this "alleged" torture.

these guys were pumping so hard... i kept waiting for rumours of stephen harper tasering children in a filthy kabul back alley while peter mackay took video and screamed encouragement.

this isn't about reporting the news anymore... it's uber-torqued "national enquirer" style pitbull journalism.

interesting that ctv, cbc and the rest of the gang are so willing to disseminate obvious taliban propaganda.

and the fiberals & the dippers are only to happy to ignore actual ongoing human tragedies and lap this vomit up.

suicide bombings all over the mideast... stoning women to death... genocide all over africa... but these dumb bunnies go with stuff like this.



Rich said...

Volpe's not worried at all as he has votes to spare; doesn't he have 2 or 3 cemetaries in his riding?