17 November 2009

"Copping a feel"... in Caledonia, or...

...some animals are more equal than others...

"All I did was drive past and take pictures out the window, they pulled me over for a chat. Full tactical stop, with shotgun."

"Scary stuff. Meanwhile the "Mohawk protesters" otherwise known as organized crime, are using the DCE and Dave Brown's back yard for a motocross track, shooting range, pissoir, and generally behaving ugly 24/7."

"No tactical stop with shotgun for them."
Funny how that works.



Powell lucas said...

What a shameful demonstration governmental inaction. If there was ever an example of how the victimization syndrome has trumped the laws in Canada this is it.
Perhaps it's time for an armed militia to start enforcing those laws that the authorities have chosen to ignore.

Neo Conservative said...

obviously, in dalton mcguinty's socialist paradise... some animals are more equal than others.

the premier has apparently hamstrung the ontario provincial police... another sacrifice on the liberal altar of political-correctness.

how about we try, i dunno... "one people... one law"?


gary said...

The so called protesters, more accurately called criminals, should all be subject to immediate arrest, held without bail due to the threat to the community, tried and if convicted, sentenced to maximum periods of incarceration. Their enablers in government and police should be charged as parties to the offenses as enablers. It is time for civil society to demand peace, order and good government. The minimum that society can demand from any government. The fault starts with the Ontario government and flows down to those at the front line.

Tripper523 said...

I agree with the sentiments of the previous commentators. My friend Neo Conservative sums it up best with his solution for the ages, "one people / one law". Like really, what's more relevant than equality? Isn't this what it's "all about?" The minute someone demands "his rights", another's are diminished. Level the playing field and cut the crap where leverage and internal terrorism has become the norm. Governments of all levels need to reconfigure their cahonies and represent ALL people EQUALLY.

Warren said...

I don't know if any exists currently, but video surveillance footage and all news gathering film should be collected and turned into a collage for viewing by the public right AFTER they surround, subdue and arrest every one of those thugs. Right after that, the police chief, Minister of Justice and the premier should loose the right to be defended in civil suit by government lawyers, and any damages awarded to the plaintif's should be their own personal money, not tax payers money. The only tax payer's money spent should be on the incarceration of the thugs All the people of Caledonia who were terrorized and intimidated should be compensated out of Six Nations future band money until it's paid off as a deterrent to further blockades and disruptions.

Also, if it were a perfect world, the media would be held at least 20 miles away, and a tight publication-ban put in place by a court order. Take away their media soapbox and when they can't cry 'racist' or 'genocide' for the cameras every 5 minutes, the general public will stop paying attention. The news broadcas6s, however, should be showing the collected video of the behavior, intimidation and lawlessness they have been guilty of since day one.

Law and order indeed!