15 November 2009

Is anybody else getting tired of...

...stuff like this?

-- TORONTO -- The Toronto Centre Liberal riding association raised nearly $430,000 for George Smitherman in 2008 -- the same year its president, Jason Grier, lobbied ministries Smitherman led for a long list of corporate and government clients.

Grier, a former executive assistant and senior policy adviser to Smitherman, left the then-health minister's staff in March 2005.

He started his lobbying career a year later.


Wayne said...


Rural and Right said...

Yes ... and did you see the cartoon of "Furious George" in todays Sun ?

Ron said...

They are Liberals for God's sake - do you really expect otherwise? Corruption is the norm for that group. It is who they are; what they are - don't expect them to change spots.

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r asks... did you see the cartoon of "Furious George" in todays Sun?"

ah... main post updated.