24 November 2009

Yesssirree... it's that evil Optimus Harper

Enter the "Transformers" inspired world of Jane Taber..."Oh my gawd, here it comes... everybody down and cover!!!"

"Once again if the NDP and the other opposition parties are at all serious about getting to the truth, they will actually hear from those who want to testify before the parliamentary committee," Mr. Harper said. "There are a number. Let them be heard."

"What is the opposition afraid of, other than the truth?"
Why can't that "blasty" Harper guy be more like gentle, thoughtful Michael?
Michael Ignatieff is crisscrossing the country early next year in hopes of “reaching out to Canadians...”
Journalism by Janie... clearing up all those confusing, grey areas.



wilson said...

Iffy is flying right over Alberta and Saskatchewan!
A sensible move, definitely a waste of time and money for the Liberal Party of Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

with media pals like jane taber... how can the puffin king go wrong?