24 November 2009

No way, no way, no way...

...screeches Opposition parties... too many facts may spoil the nasty, blood-soaked narrative...

A high-ranking Canadian diplomat is jetting back from a Beijing posting to defend his record against allegations that Canada transferred prisoners to certain torture in Afghanistan – but opposition parties may not let him testify.

David Mulroney, currently Canada's ambassador to China, served as the government's point man and chief fixer on Afghanistan until May.

He was singled out by Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin during explosive testimony last week as one of the senior officials who tried to contain and suppress his warnings about the torture of Afghan detainees in 2006 and early 2007.
Funny how that works, huh?


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-- OTTAWA -- Canada’s former top soldier will be in the hot seat Wednesday as a parliamentary committee tries to get to the bottom of allegations Canada was complicit in the rape and torture of Afghan detainees.

Retired Gen. Rick Hillier and retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Gauthier will be grilled by MPs trying to find out what military brass and government officials knew, and when.
This should be interesting.



Michael Harkov said...

Bob Rae wants certain documents tabled before Mulroney testifies. You are absolutley right; he Liberals want to try and control the narrative here. too bad it won't work, eh?

I think Rae is on that committee, however, isn't it rather interesting that it is Rae and not Ignatieff leading this kind of charge regarding torture?

This is supposed to be the biggest issue that the Liberal party has sunk their teeth into yet in order to try and sink the Tories, but it is rather telling about the state of the Liberal party leadership when their LEADER is unable and/or unwiling lead the charge. The why of it doesn't need to be stated; we already know why. :D

Michael Harkov said...

And another thing; it has been said by some Liberals that the only reason that the Tories are trying to get Mulroney to testify is so this doesn't embarass Harper when he goes to China and talk about human rights.

Well hello, wouldn't that also logically mean that if the Liberals are unable to stop Mulroney's testimony it could settle the issue BEFORE he goes to China? Oh, I know all about the Liberal blather about having to prepare for witnesses, but it seems to me that whenever they ask for things to be cleared up NOW, and when someone who can rushes to do so, Liberals balk.

Convenient. And hypocritical. For the Liberals, the usual stuff.

langmann said...

If these people really cared about Afghans being tortured they wouldn't be demanding we leave and pull out so early.

Just another holier than thou moment from the left brought to your doorstep by the Lame Stream Media.

Michael Harkov said...

Well Langman, for the Liberals its not about the issue of torture. Its about their utter weakness and their desperate need to correct the slide, any way they possibly can with whatever "scandal" they can blather with -

The Grits, hovering at historic low levels of 23 per cent in the polls, desperately need a new strategy. They’ve got to throw out the kid gloves and start responding to the Tories in kind. Ignatieff hasn’t wished to be front and centre on the Afghan allegations because of his past controversial remarks on the use of torture. But the torture allegations are only one element of this story. There’s a bigger one. It’s the alleged cover-up. Iggy should smear the Conservatives with that. Unlike most Tory charges, it might even be true.


So it MIGHT be true. Not that it matters if it is or not, as long as they can use it to "smear" the Tories" with it for political partisan advantage. Pathetic, moreso than usual.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Just another holier than thou moment from the left"

i guess the libs are going with the scattergun approach... you throw enough mud at the wall, hopefully some of it will stick.

just make sure you keep mikey "torture is ok sometimes" ignatieff well back from the fray.

and the msm are only too happy to get their nightly soundbite.

funny how you hear nothing about the increasing attacks by jihadis on girl's schools... or any of that sort of thing.


maryT said...

If the liberals are so sure this faux scandal will stick, they will defeat the government and go to the polls. Failure to do so, or to try, proves to me that they are just throwing mud and would be terrified if the PM called an election over the issue. Maybe that is what the PM should threaten to do. End the faux scandals and get to work.
First, get those senators named.

Anonymous said...

Colvin shows up with no evidence just accusations, at the very least the people he accused should be able to respond.

Colvin is basing all of this on his word, so why expect more of others?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... at the very least the people he accused should be able to respond."

it is, in fact, one of the bedrock tenets of our justice system... which, strangely enough, the opposition apparently doesn't feel should be extended to david mulroney.