29 November 2009

Whistle-blower, my arse

"By the kindest reckoning, he would have spent a grand total of a half-day outside the wire in Kandahar."


Michael Harkov said...

And as far as I know, that was incrementally.

Do you get the impression that the Liberal scandal chasers feel their newest little bauble slipping between their fingers into the pile at their feet with all the rest? :D

Michael Harkov said...

Also, as far as this idea that "he is credible because he had nothing to gain and everything to lose" by releasing this, is that even true? I mean, I hear it blathered about by the Liberals so naturally I question ANYTHING they say. But I wonder, who would be interested in a man whose "revelations" of this nature came at just the right time? Lets keep an eye on this guy's career path and see where it ends up. :D

Anonymous said...

Now the CAIR is tied to hamas funding via a bogus charity while 5 members are in prison for terroriism supporting, lets have the ArarGate with the NDP hauled before an Inquiry to explain why they embraced CAIR and support Maher Arar's $400 million dollar lawsuit to extort money from taxpayers before the Inquiry was completed.
Arar's wife worked for the NDP, she and MP McDonough are reported on a Pro-Hamas website to have been at a Ottawa rally by Palestinians in canada raising money for suicide bombers in Gaza.
Just check out the names from the Arar inquiry and you'll see the same Islamists behind the Liberals smear campaign for War-Crimes by our troops.