19 November 2009

Nope, guess again... not Afghanistan

Look who's getting a taste of good ol' fashion democracy...

The new act will allow Nisga'a citizens to own residentially zoned property in fee simple, the common way in which land is sold in Canada.

Holding land under such a title allows owners to take out mortgages and leverage the land for other loans, things they previously couldn't do.

They can also lease the land and build equity in their homes.
Holy crap... is Canada's own little Berlin Wall starting to crumble?

Be still my heart.



Warren said...

Pretty good news, wouldn't you say?
One of the most ironic things about the Indian Act is that it cut both ways. I mean, they have the land set aside for them in perpetuity, but they can never actually own it . If you may recall, this group of Indians were 'controversial' back a decade ago when they settled their land claim with the B.C. Government. They were given at the time, some new land-use or resource 'rights' that had previously never been granted to Indians before. A long story short, it looks like the Band Council has smelled the coffee and can see that being a ward of the state has limits.

I applaud their guts and determination. However, as do most things, there is the other side of the coin. Let me explain.

Douglas Lake, 6-Nations, Caledonia... Sound familiar?

That whole mess is based on the disputed sale back in the 1800's of so-called 'Indian Land' that was sold to private interests by their 'Leaders'. What is to say that in the near future the B.C. Indians don't sell some of their newly 'titled' land to some white folks or mining/logging corp. for a profit and then subsequently a new Band Chief doesn't come along and demand it back? Hmmmm
Deja Vous all over again.

Neo Conservative said...

"warren says... based on the disputed sale back in the 1800's of so-called 'Indian Land' that was sold to private interests"

well, i wasn't aware of that.

certainly puts this decision in a whole other light now, doesn't it?


Louise said...

That howling sound is the Indian Industry in full-throated agony. The platform upon which they stand is starting to crumble.

langmann said...

400 years later any the government of Canada in its present form has finally decided to trust individual natives with their own land.

Warren said...


I'm sure every citizen in Canada would be perfectly fine with Indians owning their own land... just so long as they didn't take 10 billion dollars per year in government money(that they are not at all accountable for).

Free enterprise for all... but keep your hands out of the till.

Disband the entire Indian Affairs Department tomorrow.. Kill The Indian Act tomorrow too. Close the Assembly Of First Nations while you are at it. The whole bunch is the most racist concept in the country. Imagine? A whole government department devoted entirely to a single 'race' of people. Can you imagine the hue and cry if there was a Dept. of White people? Or a department of Jewish Affairs? How about Gays, Muslims, Jamaicans, or Asians?

It's time the Indians took control of their own lives.. but they also have to be responsible for themselves as well, and there is the catch.. They don't want to take responsibility for themselves. As long as they have the Government of Canada as a whipping boy, they always have a handy excuse for all their problems.

It's 2009. Time that the Indians grow up.

Neo Conservative said...

stop me if you've heard this one before... one people, one law.