24 November 2009

Not sure I understand how this works...

...but apparently, in Liberal Land... "ya dance wit' the one what backstabbed ya"...

"I just spoke to Stephane," Ignatieff said Monday. "Stephane is a colleague and friend and has given me absolutely magnificent support throughout my leadership."

Francesco Miele, a spokesman for Dion, said the former leader won't be commenting on his wife's tirade other than to stress that "he's always been loyal to his leaders and his party and he'll always be."


Liberal "colleagues & friends" apparently take precedence over, well... everything else.

You "bus-under" your wife... to protect the guy who planted a 14 inch bowie knife in between your political shoulder blades? And then, incredibly... you use the word "loyalty"?

I got nuthin'.



Michael Harkov said...

A Liberal using the word "loyalty" is a lot like kindegarten love. Sure it looks cute when you see it, but you know it is not real. And when they inevitably get their little heart broken, you tell them that they'll understand what the real thing is when they grow up.

Robert W. said...

Wow! And Double Wow!

Why do I sense that if Dion had been PM and Lichtenstein had said "Boo!" that he would have handed over Alberta to them?!?

Neo Conservative said...

well folks, i'm thinkin' a prison analogy might be more appropriate here... you know, something like... "married to the guy with the most cigarettes."

and dion's spokesman (apparently professor milquetoast still had the sense to delegate here) actually refers to ms krieber's thoughts... as a "tirade"?


now, i'm just spitballin' here... but things may have been a little awkward at casa dion come bedtime tonight, huh?


fernstalbert said...

Hey Pelalusa - I take umbrage with giving Alberta away to Lichtenstein! I nominate Newfoundland/Labrador, at least that way they (Lichtensteiners) would get access to the ocean. Besides its closer as the crow flies. Cheers.

langmann said...

Who knows if Steffi actually said any of that though.

If Steffi has balls I suspect the revenge is yet to come.

Good times. Good times.

(Maybe Harper will live out to see his prophetic wish to see the death of both the PC and Liberal parties.)

Rich said...

Related....link to yet more on Kreba & Iggy. I predict the next round of political polls will see the Lib results within the margin of error for the Dip results. A statistical tie.....it would be a political bombshell.
That will be the death knell for Iggy and it will mark Rae's ascension.
( Copy & paste)

Neo Conservative said...

don't miss...

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s “To Do List”

1. “De-friend” Janine Krieber from Facebook



Rich said...

Is it true that Steffi found his wife wandering around the house muttering...."apres moi...le deluge"?

Rich said...

(Not trying to dominate this topic with my posts, the stuff just keeps falling from heaven)
Just found this from the
T.O. Star....astounding that this is an article found there. This is big-time back stabbing on their part as far as the Libs are concerned.
Bets that the end of Iggy will occur far sooner than expected?
LINK (Copy & paste)

Neo Conservative said...

well, rich... that one deserves its own post.