27 November 2009

Unfortunately for the United Nations...

....Cranky Toddler Nation has their number...

"The great nation of Iran will never bow to pressure and intimidation vis-a-vis its inalienable right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy,"
Hmmm... maybe, "Stop, or we'll admonish you again,"... just isn't gonna do it.


UPDATE: Ok, Barry... now you say it



BDFT said...

If the US had a real president, a squadron of B2's would have launched from somewhere in the Nevada desert a long time ago and Iran would have had an unfortunate nuclear accident. As it is, the world is going to screw around until the middle east glows in the dark.

Neo Conservative said...

pop quiz... what's flat, black and glows in the dark?

i'll give you a hint... it ain't gonna be tel aviv.