30 November 2009


Mr. Colvin claims that for 18 months, he tried to get Ottawa's attention on the subject of torture and that his pleas fell upon deaf ears. The evidence, much of it from the two occasions he has presented it publicly, suggests his memory is flawed.

As he is revealed, by his own words, Mr. Colvin discovered the abuse story shortly after or as this newspaper did, and then spun himself into a hyperbolic fury over it.
In a rather pathetic, self-pitying update... Kady & Company whine... "Mom always liked you best."



wilson said...

So, Colvin gets the heads up about the G&M story,
then spends the next 2 days sending out emails to 100's of recipients....stating looky here, 'me first' which is an obvious overstatement.

Neo Conservative said...

colvin's done like a dinner... which is exactly what he deserves for being an opposition pawn in this whole stinking mess.

i can't wait for the next fiberal-generated faux scandal... these guys are so pathetic.