30 November 2009

Stand by for another U.N. resolution

No wonder these guys just laugh at us...

Pirates currently are holding 11 ships and 264 hostages, according to the EU's taskforce.
Let's face it, folks... this is simple economics.

In fact, I'll go further... it's a form of hyper-capitalism, in that, there are huge profits to be made for those who are willing to risk their, well... capital.

You wanna cool down the market here... you have to have the resources (no problem there) and the political will (oh-oh).
Think El-Al... it's that simple.



Lynn said...

The going ransom rate seems to be about three million per hijacked ship.

I wonder what it would cost to equip each ship with a half dozen well armed soldiers.

I guess the "Ipperwash" mentality is alive and well in the EU though,and better the loss of a few million bucks that can be backcharged to "wealthy" white Europeans,than a dead "victim" of capitalist oppression.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... the euroweenies, yet again, have brought this one down upon themselves.

the salient point here... rewarding good behaviour & punishing the bad... although it apparently eludes the eggheads at the united nations... is a well-known fact to the parents of virtually every toddler on earth.

as long as these dumbsticks are willing to pay the piper here... there's simply no incentive for these thugs to stop hijacking these ships.