13 November 2009

And that's why we call him...

...Premier McSlippery...

The province unveiled the yellow ribbon plates to honour Canadian troops on Remembrance Day, billing them as "a fitting tribute to the heroism of those who served in our armed forces."

However, the opposition parties were surprised to learn only $2.25 from each set of plates costing $77.75 will go to the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund, which provides financial help to current and former members of the military and their immediate families.

"It's misleading at best to have people making a purchase of that nature thinking it's going to help the military and their families when indeed it's helping to fill the government's coffers," said Progressive Conservative critic Bob Runciman.

An even smaller percentage of the proceeds from personalized plates with the yellow ribbons will go to the fund, only $4.50 from a $314 set.


Pissedoff said...

Once a McAsswipe always a McAsswipe.
Just another way of showing that Liberals are the biggest liars, thieves, cheats and assholes.

Neo Conservative said...

i was thinking hypocritical panderer myself.

this guy doesn't take any sort of action without considering all the angles.