27 November 2009

Stop... please just stop

Oh my gawd, it's true... you can get a hernia from laughter.



natasha said...

That was so funny...And my hubby and I can relate very strongly to it.

The number of times people expect us to do work on "spec" with the promise of big money to follow...uh huh, sure.

natasha said...

The same site's article "Avoiding Litigation" is also quite funny -- ridiculous, but very funny.

Neo Conservative said...

assumptions & arrogance... that feeling of perpertual "the world owes me".

it's simply amazing the way some people's minds operate.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

OOOhhh man.. I was laughing out loud, literally.

I HAVE to use the "Yes/No" pie chart over and over.. I don't care if it's unoriginal. It's freaking hilarious.