26 November 2009

Mayor Miller's office withholding info...

...on which Toronto area gun club, shooter belonged to...

Toronto police have issued an arrest warrant for a man wanted for first-degree murder. Kevin Phouthonesy was shot dead while sitting in his parked SUV with his girlfriend in front of a townhouse complex on Sentinel Road on Nov. 3.

On Thursday police released the name and photo of a suspect wanted in connection with the case. Robert Owen Cave, 20, is wanted for first-degree murder.

UPDATE: The Rocket gets Redder
A 25-year-old male was shot in the left shoulder last night as he rode a TTC bus in the north end of the city.

The bus was traveling westbound on Sheppard Ave. near Jane St. when someone shot at the bus around 9:15 p.m., police said.


Anonymous said...

Didja see how a career criminal got let off the hook despite having a half kilo of cocaine in his car?

Maybe this guy can claim the same defence when the cops catch up with him.

Neo Conservative said...

this guy doesn't need a special defense strategy... race-baiting troll "liberal supporter" has already dropped by... repeatedly... to castigate the systemic canadian racism that is actually forcing robert to make such poor life choices.

i'm a little surprised he forgot to throw in his usual dumbass reference to... "bombing the brownies."

yessirree, libby... it's diabolical... you nailed it... yet again.