18 November 2009

Do the right thing

Make a difference...

Witnesses who followed two gunmen after a west-end shooting, only breaking off when they were themselves shot at, are being credited with the arrests of two men.

The witnesses, age 23 and 20, were residents of the area, near the Jane Street and Alliance Avenue, and decided to get in their own car and follow the men to get a licence plate number for police, said Const. Drummond.

Anthony Johnson, 18, of Toronto, and George Senior, 21, of Toronto, face 52 gun-related charges.

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One man was fatally shot in a home invasion in Etobicoke Tuesday night that reportedly saw victims diving out of windows to avoid the bullets.

A second occupant of the house had unspecified injuries in the invasion on Wincott Dr., in the Kipling Ave.-The Westway area, a quiet residential neighbourhood with bungalow-lined streets.
Mayor Miller's office, yet again, scrambles to identify which Toronto area gun club the shooters belonged to.



hunter said...

Hey, Miller should come on out to Edmonton, we have a shooting range right in the largest Mall in the world!

I'm not sure he could survive in the red-necked atmosphere out here, but it would be fun to see him try.

mauser98 said...

toronto deserves supreme jackass Miller.

Neo Conservative said...

we'll get to see if toronto voters have smartened up any... or whether they continue their slide into anarchy and penniless confusion with furious george smitherman.