20 November 2009

See Dalton, it doesn't really matter...

...how many glasses of single malt you toss back... you're never really gonna get that unforgettable taste of ass outta your mouth...

A closer look at the documents shows that on behalf of the warriors who seized control of the land in 2006, the ORC has paid in the past three years $152,869 in municipal property taxes, $1,533.14 for no trespassing signs and $7,802.27 in property management costs. There is also an invoice to pay $103,044 to a construction company to "install fencing."

The Government of Ontario website says that since the beginning of this problem, the taxpayers have so far paid out $64.3 million in expenditures.


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LAST WORD: In Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise...

...there's no such thing as a "bad boy"...
Police say Mr. Kalogerakis was “executed” in front of his terrified 62-year-old mother, who was tied up and “subjected to brutal treatment.”


alan said...

Since this won't be brought up in any meaningful way in Parliament or in any sort of official public forum, I guess all we can do is talk about it around the water cooler, on blogs, at the kitchen table, call in to radio talk shows, and write nice Letters to the Editor.

Premier Dad never ceases to amaze.

JA Goneaux said...

In the old days, certain tribes would threaten to sack Rome, and the city would send out the Pope with a bag of goodies, which would placate them for a bit.

Eventually, it was a "kill the golden goose time", and they cut out the middle man.

As it is with all blackmail, the blackmailers always come back. Always.

Neo Conservative said...

"alan says... all we can do is talk about it around the water cooler"

well... maybe that's what dalton would have the rest of us do.

if, unfortunately, you happen to live in caledonia, you just have to cower inside your home... and hope the noble native warriors and their particular brand of "restorative justice" don't come lookin' for your sytemically racist ass.

thank you, premier mcslippery.