16 November 2009

Just another reason why...

...I vote Conservative...

CTV News has learned the federal Conservatives plan to ban public agencies from hiring lobbyists to influence the federal government.

Crown Corporations are already forbidden from using lobbyists to influence decision makers in Ottawa. But on Monday, Treasury Board President Vic Toews is expected to extend that rule to 90 other federal bodies.

The Toronto Port Authority, the Canadian Televison Fund and the Canadian Wheat Board will be among the agencies affected.

Those agencies "don't have to hire someone to talk to the government when they can talk to us themselves," a senior government adviser told CTV.


Alex from Manitoba said...

That only makes sense on so many levels. Why were they hiring lobbyists in the first place?

langmann said...

There goes Kinsella's reason d'etre.

Seems like a good idea. I am sure companies will figure out a workaround. They always do.

Best way to limit lobbistsb is to stop giving our money away and stay out of the market.

Neo Conservative said...

how about the politicians just try doing the job we pay them to do... without being pushed into decisions by all their ex-cronies?


robins111 said...

I'm waiting to see if the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, & the Coalition for Gun Control makes the do not call list?