20 November 2009

You can't sell this fuzzy-bunny drivel...

...in the bleeding heart of Canadian hippiedom... you know you're in serious trouble.

-- VANCOUVER -- More than 80 per cent of British Columbians believe that gun crime is at least a moderately serious problem, but only eight per cent believe that Canada's $1 billion long-gun registry has been effective at preventing crime, according to a survey conducted by pollsters Angus Reid.
Hmmm... maybe they should have polled some "thought leaders".


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The room was reportedly furnished with Nazi flags, stuffed animals, plants and computers, according to neighbours, who have described Hughes as a harmless man who loved the environment and dabbled in neo-Nazism.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe that BC itself is represented by a tiny fraction of parts of Vancouver, any more than Ontario is represented by a tiny fraction of Toronto. The vast majority of my home province has their heads screwed on straight, and they realize that the Lieberals' social-engineering scheme was simply politicking using gun owners as convenient scapegoats.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... tiny fraction of parts of Vancouver"

that, my friend is a valid point... but, as in toronto these days... it seems the squeaky socialist suckling invariably gets the taxpayer-funded grease.

i do realise there are plenty of resourceful, independent citizens of british columbia outside of "crackhead central".

perhaps if these folks can get themselves organised... they can save b.c. before it actually flushes itself down the nanny-state drain.