20 November 2009

Damn... they're on to us

Donolo unloads Stephen Harper's "not so secret" weapon...

"I've got to be candid: I predict that with Kinsella gone, Ignatieff will begin to close that 15-point gap."


Bec said...

15 points? Not unless the party has a way to muzzle the Sabre Tooth Tigers.
There is far to much garbage in their cages and Spinsella wasn't the one to put it there.
They became rabid, all by themselves.
Likely from the inbreeding.

Dave In Guelph said...

Thin Skin Kats Meat a.k.a The Man Who Couldn't Take A Hint. Getting his ass kicked in Canadian Politics for the last six years. Adios Dolt!!!

Anonymous said...

I am rather sad that Wornout Kan't Sellit got booted out. It is like a village loosing it's idiot.... no one to laugh at.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Why can't liberals just accept the obvious, they are no longer Canada's native ruling party, they are no longer relevant and they do not deserve to govern. (real conservative)

wilson said...

Spinsella on PP says Ezra is wrong!

I'm sooo glad.
On todays show, Spinsella yaps off and gets it wrong wrong wrong

Martin and Graham approved the detainee handover agreement in May 2005, Hillier signed it Dec 2005...NOT 2006

This is the second time they tried to wash their hands of their negligent agreement:


Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... Spinsella on PP says Ezra is wrong!"

well, thank goodness for that.

what on earth would we do without special k?