25 November 2009

Another Ig-noble attempt...

...to stir up scandal... bites the dust...

Retired general Rick Hiller, who as former Chief of the Defence Staff was Canada’s top soldier, told a Parliamentary committee that diplomat Richard Colvin’s warnings in 2006 contained nothing to “warrant the intervention” of himself or other top military brass.

He ridiculed Mr. Colvin's allegation that all detainees handed over to Afghans were likely tortured. "How ludicrous a statement is that?"

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Hillier also slammed Colvin's claim that many of the detainees who had been arrested were innocent people, saying "nothing could be further from the truth."

"We detained, under violent actions, people trying to kill our sons and daughters, who had in some cases done that, been successful at it, and were continuing to do it."
Okay Iggy... who's on deck?


"I just saw the defense 'critic' Ujjal Dosanjh read a statement to Rick Hillier to which Hillier tersely replied, 'Is there a question in there somewhere?'"


LAST WORD: Media Moonbattery richly rewarded
Anybody else see Bob Fife lose his erection on CTV National News tonight after the Hillier testimony?



Sammy said...

Take a gander at Bourque..the ever so 'moral' Libs now using this faux scandal for "FUNDRAISING"..I can sure see the military families throwing buckets of cash their way!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CBC did a poll: 51% of polsters believe Afghan detainees were tortured.

My guess: 75% don't care.But that wasn't asked of course.

Anonymous said...

Good point Anonymous. Check out the CNews poll - at present 56% don't care. It's their country and their citizens, so long as Canadian soldiers didn't do the bad stuff, let's move on. And just for the sake of interest, where are these same Liberals when the topic of women's rights (and abuse) in Afghan is discussed.

Brant said...

I just saw the defense "critic" Ujjal Dosanjh read a statement to Rick Hillier to which Hillier tersely replied, "Is there a question in there somewhere?" Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Look how much the Libs did for Sampson in Saudi Arabia.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... My guess: 75% don't care. But that wasn't asked of course."

well... that's the thing.

have a pollster ask straight out... "do you give a crap if the different near stone-age afghan factions... as they have continually done for the last two thousand years... continue to mercilessly abuse each other as soon as canadian troops turn their backs on them?"

remember... these are the same folks who supply over 90% of the world's heroin.

we're there to try bring them into the 20th century... and it's one hell of a fight.


Martin said...

It's hard to see what the Liberals and their PR arm, CBC, hopes to make out of this latest scandal du jour. 5 days of wall to wall coverage of Solomon on P&P, I would expect a poll to show these results. Let the opposition frame a non-confidence motion on this issue and go to election. This in effect, would force the Liberals to campaign on the side of Taliban terrorists, against Canadian forces, including the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... This in effect, would force the Liberals to campaign on the side of Taliban terrorists, against Canadian forces"

well, the thing is... they might just be that stupid.


wilson said...

Ooooooh liberal supporter,
it was the Martin Liberals that drafted the agreement that was NOT Geneva Convention friendly.

A pathetically inadequate agreement when compared to agreements made by other countries at exactly the same time.

Now the LPC stands screaming
'Harper didn't fix the agreement fast enough'.
What a joke Liberals are.
And the polls show that.

The Harper govt fixed the dangerous mess left by Liberals,
and they did it being only in government 1 year,
not 13 years, like the Liberals were.

I did not realize until this detainee uproar,
just what a bunch of brainless money grabbing twits the LPC really was.

langmann said...

This torture is nothing compared to the real stuff that's going to come down on the people who dared lived beyond the stone age ideals of the Taliban after we all leave.

Are the NDP, Libs, and Lame Stream Media going to take the blame for that? After all what's the difference between handing over a few terrorists to the Afghan authorities for torture compared to handing over the whole country for the Taliban to torture?

As to Hillier, he knows how to kick ass. If he decides to do politics I hope he joins the right party.

gimbol said...


The taliban don't recognize the Geneva convention, they cut the heads off of people for something as trivial as a woman not wearing a hijab, they raise money through extortion, selling heroin (which comes from poppies grown by farmers that if they refuse are killed or are forced to watch as their family is tortured, they burn down schools that dare teach girls, they will attack our troops then if they get caught cry victim.
These people you wish to protect with the Geneva Convention have no qualms about using IED's, which are a form of something called landmines, also something that is banned by a UN treaty.
The taliban will not bargain in good faith, they will lie to your face and when you turn your back to them, they will take an axe to your head.
And you claim the current government is complicit in war crimes because they didn't suspect something was going on.
Well I suspect Chretien knows exactly where the dirty money is from Adscam, can we apply the same logic so all liberals are guilty because they should have "suspected" something was going on?

Rich said...

CBC just had a report on TV which lays out the way in which the gov't will be attacked IMO.
The critics are also attacking because of the converse of what has been reported.
Get this!
Combatants who killed or who were suspected of killing one or more of our troops were handed over to Afghanis. Noe the brou-ha is that they bwere subsequently released (insome cases) or there ultimate destination is unaccounted for. It raises the spectre, get this, that they never had to answer for their crimes.
So if I have this figured out....problem 1 is that the Afghanis may have tortured detainees when they were turned over.
Problem 2 is that some detainees didn't get the fair (harsh) justice they deserved.
I smell a lose-lose setup in the wind.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry guys... poor little libby has lost his commenting priviliges here.

so, like his half dozen other taliban-licking trolls... this one is also deleted.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how Liberals still stay mute on the female Muslims in canada being Murdered under the Shariah Law excuse of "Honour Killings" and yet they have so much compassion for Muslim men we are at War with over 10'000 miles away.

Since the Liberals STILL won't Elect a female federal leader to the party even though the NDP had and the Conservatives actually had a female P.M. to boot, could Misogyny be at the Root of this issue where a Dead Muslim female in canada is worth less than a Alleged harmed Muslim male in Afghanistan?

CAIR-Canada had supplied the lawyers and witnesses during the Arar Inquiry which Arar refused to give evidence at but did smile for the media when he got the Cash-4-Life $10 million from us suckers for what the Liberals didn't do when they were in power.
Check out the names of the Pro-Islamists at the Arar inquiry and note how some are now linked to the new rant for a War Crime inquiry , many of the people are the same bunch that Alleged toroture for Arar while not one piece of REAL evidence came up in from of Justice O'Connor.
CAIR-USA/Canada is now tied to Hamas and terrorism funding via a bogus Charity , no surprise that Sheema Khan and Maher Arar are now in hiding and Ms.Khan no longer Crusades for Shariah law in canada.

* As for the NDP , keep in mind the when Light-Fingers Svend Robinson was got stealing a item worth $60'000.00 it was Layton and Libby Davies that used the Homophobia defence to excuse-away a crime by a shallow pathatic malcontent that cried for the cameras.
The NDP is for people to park their votes until a Real party comes along, their new slogan should be

The NDP....."We work so you don't have to".

Anonymous said...

"sorry guys... poor little libby has lost his commenting priviliges here."
Well, all I can say about that is:
"It's about time!"
Neo, you have far, far more patience than I.