12 November 2009

Land of Opportunity

"They [Tamil Tigers] want to reorganize and regroup themselves," Mr. Gunaratna said. "They see Canada as a place where they can do that."

"There has been a tradition in Canada of being soft on terrorism. There is no better place for Tamil Tigers to reconstitute than in Canada."

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A new guide for aspiring Canadian citizens will warn off "barbaric" cultural practices that physically harm women.

The book, to be officially launched today by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, contains a special section on "The Equality of Women and Men."

"In Canada, men and women are equal under the law. Canada's openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, 'honour killings,' female genital mutilation or other gender-based violence," the document reads.

"Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada's criminal laws."


jwkozak91 said...

Hot tip, Neo:

The jihadi Frankenstein monster attacked its' creator today.

The Inter-Services Intelligence Agency office in Peshawar has been car-bombed.