28 November 2009

Christmas. Who needs it?

Not Best Buy, that’s for sure.

After all, Best Buy is loathe to use that hateful word in its advertising. It’s so “religious” and tinged with racism, America, and tradition.

It makes Best Buy shudder to think of using that foul word, Christmas.

But, advertising for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha? Heck, why not? What could be more welcoming and tolerant?
(via sda)



Kit said...

No Best Buy down here... and now I wouldn't shop there anyway.
Gutless. PC. Crap.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Walmart Flyer in Canada that was selling christmas trees.but .instead they called it a "memory tree"...
I looked through the rest of the flyer and didnt find one reference to Christmas anywhere...
are they going to change the calendars next, to call it "memory day"?
it's disgusting any way you look at it...

Neo Conservative said...

yup... the surrender continues unabated.