09 November 2009

No Dalton, he didn't...

...and that green malarkey... why don't you just show me the money...

On Sunday night in a statement, Mr. McGuinty lauded Mr. Smitherman for reducing wait times in hospitals and spearheading the Green Energy Act that will help create 50,000 jobs “while fighting the effects of climate change.”
What this tells me is that, one... Dalton McGuinty doesn't have to line up for his healthcare like the rest of us... and two... he thinks merely referring to Y2Kyoto is an automatic vote-getter.

Hey... I thought the government was on the verge of re-implementing "Rae Days". Suddenly, they're awash in 50,000 jobs?

What I remember about George Smitherman was his response to the allegation that some Ontario nursing homes were trying to save money... by not changing resident's diapers often enough...

Major confession, diary. I tried out an incontinence diaper today. It was so ... freeing. I had three large coffees from Tims -- but no winners :(-and then I sat through a three-hour meeting with a bunch of bureaucrats.

No pee breaks! It was so much more efficient. Made a bit of a stumble at lunch, though, by having the side dish of asparagus. Won't make that mistake again! I think this will really help in my discussion with the nurses' union. Five hours seems to be the limit before things get a little soggy.

I think I'll publicly float the idea tomorrow. Right after I shoot up an eight-ball of smack to get a better feel for drug addiction.
Smoke, mirrors and soggy diapers.

Friends don't let friends vote Liberal.



Anonymous said...

Dalton is probably setting George up to run for city hall.

Gary said...

Brilliant, can't wait to read more.

Neo Conservative said...

if torontonians, in the wake of david miller, decide to keep on tilting to the left... they'll get exactly what they deserve.


Grandad said...

Asparagus eh! Non asparagus eaters have no idea what you are talking about. heh