29 October 2010

In other "Your home, their castle" news

Yet again... the world appears to be upside-down...

Singleton and his wife Marilyn arrived home to discover a strange vehicle parked in the driveway May 29. The 46-year-old homeowner parked behind it, trapping it while he fetched a hatchet from his home northwest of Taber, RCMP say.

The man searched his house and found no one inside, but encountered a man in his 20s trying to escape in the blocked car. Police say Singleton struck the man twice with the blunt end of a hatchet, smashing his teeth and face.

The injured suspect ran off, getting tangled in a barbed wire fence, but police tracked him down to his home shortly after. Police arrested two other men in a pickup truck on a road near the home.
So... of course... the cops decide to arrest the homeowner.


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In Dalton McGuinty's socialist paradise... there's no such thing as a bad boy... or bad girl... anymore.
On the evening before learning if he will face consequences for tying up a shoplifter, a grocer in Toronto's Chinatown apprehended a woman who, he claims, stole roughly $100 worth of various products.

The woman was charged with theft and released at the scene, Mr. Chen said. Police could not immediately confirm if anyone had been charged.
Lest you imagine this is somehow an isolated incident...
-- PORT COLBORNE, Ont. -- A Port Colborne, Ont., man whose home was attacked has ended up facing charges himself.
Don't even get me started on Caledonia.


Pissedoff said...

And Harper has chosen the McGuinty cop Fantino as a conman what a laugh.

As you say lets not get started with Caledonia.

Neo Conservative said...

agreed... julian fantino was a huge disappointment.

i don't get this one at all.


Chris said...

My thinking on this one is that there is a charge laid against the homeowner for assault but there is a good possibility the charge will be dropped subsequently.

In my opinion, and its just an opinion, the cops are in the right for arresting both and bringing in both for questionning. Get the stories down and see if they make sense.

Then drop charges once its all sorted out.

Not sure if that will happen here but I can see this being a smart way to go about things when presented with 2 bleeding individuals outside an unfamiliar home. Both telling (or likely yelling) conflicting stories.

Getting arrested and charged with assault will not stop me from stomping all over some guy who is in my house. I'll take my chances in a court room if it comes to that.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... the cops are in the right for arresting both and bringing in both for questioning"

chris... read slower...
"Five months after catching a burglar parked at his house and hitting him in the face with the broad side of a hatchet, Singleton was called by RCMP to come to the detachment. He thought they'd finally recovered his family's stolen property, including family heirlooms."

"Instead, police took his fingerprints, mugshot and charged him with assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm."

justice? not in my book.


Chris said...

Well - there you go.

Contrary to popular opinion (especially the opinion of cops), Cops are not the law. So they can charge him and pursuade some crown to prosecute.

If this guy has clean hands and the facts of the matter indicate that he was just in his actions, then he will be vindicated.

I am thinking there might be more to this story.

There usually is where canadian journalism is concerned.

Anonymous said...

I find anybody looting my place, I will use ALL available force. Period.

Next time, Mr. Singleton?

Shoot, shovel & shut up...

Neo Conservative said...

no, no, no... you neocon brute.

i think what the police are saying is... you have to wait for some demented junkie to stab you with a rusty screwdriver... then you may use a proportionate amount of force to, uh... restrain him.

see... problem solved.


BDFT said...

A good rule of thumb is: Never bring more than a knife to a gunfight. You'll be dead but the upside is, you won't be charged.