31 October 2010

In other "your home, their castle" news...

...it's David Chen... all over again...

By the time police arrived — just five minutes later, according to Robert — the stabbing victim and four others allegedly involved in the home invasion — three women and one man — had sped away in a car, crossing into Ontario in the hopes that by seeking treatment at the Montfort Hospital, they would not be connected to the Gatineau incident.
And surprise, surprise... guess who gets cast as the bad guy here...
According to Gatineau police, the man alleged to have stabbed the victim, as well as the four suspects found with the stabbing victim, have all been arrested.
(h/t reader michael)


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Get ready, Scarborough... coming soon to a neighbourhood near you...
Omar Khadr was sentenced today to 40 years in prison for murder, terrorism and spying by a military panel unaware that the confessed Canadian war criminal had agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence capped at eight years and the chance to return to Canada after one more year in Guantanamo.


Chris said...

Since the one you posted about the hatchet home owner I have been thinking about this situation.

I believe there is a right to protect your property, yourself and those who depend on you.

Like most of these situations, there are likely common law thresholds and I am not really able or willing to do that research. I am reasonably confident that there have been previous home owners on trial for similar actions and the courts have determined whether on the balance of all the variables - was the owner justified or did the owner go to far?

To give all home/property owners carte blanche would likely have some interesting outcomes. So something short of 'anything goes' - but to what extent?

At the same time, there are no laws that state that the home owner cannot do anything and must rely on police protection at all times.

I think it would be impossible to detail exactly how much of a response is appropriate for every possible situation.

Hopefully the facts get out and if this guy has clean hands, he gets the charges dropped.

On the other hand, he won't get the charges dropped if say, he approached the kids, they ran, he chased one, tackled, and repeatedly stabbed the kid's chest while the kid was begging for mercy.

Neo Conservative said...

again, chris... you're a complicated guy.

and what's all this speculation about "approach the kids... chase... begging for mercy" yip-yap? you know something about this the rest of us don't?

and common-law thresholds? seriously? you know what they tell freshly-minted cops? stop the threat. that's good enough for me.

this wasn't method acting, it was a home invasion. you're breaking into my house, i don't care what your motivation is.

invade my home, and i will incapacitate you with as much speed & purpose as i can muster. my goal is to not be the guy who gets stabbed. i'm gonna be the stabber... not the stabbee.

to quote a famous movie line... "nothing wrong with a little shooting as long as the right people get shot."

you protect you & yours with a single-minded ferocity... and let the lawyers sort out the details.


Chris said...

No - I don't know anything about the specific case. I do know that is a shitty part of Gatineau. Well, its not like there are all that many nice places over there, but you know what I mean.

I am afraid the only people who will are going to be in a court room. The Shitizen may 'report' on the case but inevitably they won't report accurately.

I guess you are of the 'carte blanche' school where as soon as someone comes into your house, anything goes? Its a reasonable position for a reasonable person. I also think that most of us out there are reasonable.

That is the key - reasonability.

So yes - meet the threat with the appropriate response. It makes sense. The opposite of that would be where some stupid kid breaks into your house to steal your liquor - I should hope that you are not putting his head on a stake in the front yard!

But you just know that some moron would.

I believe that is why they are arresting owners and then dropping the charges if the story and facts warrant it.

I do have a problem with store keepers being private jailers complete with tie downs. That decision will come back to bite when some idiot decides to tie up and detain some stupid teenage girl who may have (or may not have) shoplifted. What a glorious mess that will be.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... some stupid kid breaks into your house to steal your liquor"

i take your point chris, but my guess is that most folks are still sane enough not to shoot blindly through doors or walls to deal with a burglar... (third rule of gun safety... be sure of your target).

similarly... beating some drunk kid to death is still beyond the pale for most of us.

the people you actually have to worry about are the ever-present criminal underclass who have neither the inclination, or the brain cells, to respect human life.

that being said... i wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and you're moving towards me with speed and purpose... you'd best look to your life.

'nuff said.