24 October 2010

It's a legal system... not a justice system

But, hey... a few quick fixes and we're good to go -- you know... like fewer "victim impact" statements... more lethal injection...
hang 'em high

"Canadians can do with a little toughening up. If Ms. Comeau could fight off Mr. Williams with her hands bound behind her back, her eyes covered, her body battered, to her last breath – and she did, a finer and more valiant soldier than her killer ever could have hoped to be – surely the rest of us can suck up this week of extraordinary sadness without collapsing."
Why on earth do we want to warehouse a sick fuck like Russell Williams?

Less talk... more chopping block.


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In other "knife to a gunfight" news...
-- TORONTO -- In an altercation between the officers and a 28-year-old man at the residence, one officer was cut to the face, while the man was shot at least once. The man died from his injuries at the scene.


robins111 said...

I'd be more than prepared to take that maggotn make him dig a hole and deal with him the way he deserves.

Neo Conservative said...

as would many other folks, no doubt.

apparently though... the reality is that former colonel williams got a celebrity intake into a special handling unit at the kingston pen... with the warden himself showing up to greet him.

i wonder how many other inmates get that particular welcome wagon.

and now we, the taxpayer, pay extra to warehouse him for a couple of decades in a special unit?
"Kingston Pen has been home to infamous sex slayer Paul Bernardo for 15 years. He is held in a super-secure segregation unit along with other notorious killers like Michael Briere, who raped and dismembered 10-year-old Holly Jones in Toronto in 2003."
the point here though, is that the death penalty needs to be legally re-incorporated into the system to deal with the bernardos, williams and clifford olsens of the world.


Anonymous said...

She could have contributed even more to the armed forces in the future. A real loss to our country.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... A real loss to our country."

not to mention her family & friends, huh?