20 October 2010

I don't care what Vic Toews says

In a more perfect world, Russell Williams would be publicly crucified... and no... that's not a figure of speech.

Why exactly are we warehousing the likes of Williams, Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olson?

I don't get it.


UPDATE: Two concurrent life sentences...

...not good enough...

No more bullshit, please. If Russell Williams can ever be released, and under Canada's "faint hope" provision... he could be out in 15 years... it's not a life sentence.


hunter said...

Don't forget Carla! She's already out and living among us.

Anonymous said...

These monsters get three square meals a day, clean sheets on their beds, entertainment and exercise.

Combined, these are healthier living conditions than many law abiding citizens can afford...all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives, worry free.

All courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer because they brutalized and murdered our fellow citizens.

Seems like a good deal for them.

Anonymous said...

You are right, but good luck trying to get any politician to introduce a capital punishment bill in the HOC.
I say just convict these scumbags and put them into the general population of the prison and make sure everyone there know all the sick details.

Rob C

Roy Eappen said...

This is an a vile piece of crap. He should be executed.

Neo Conservative said...

"hunter says... don't forget carla"

yeah, let's not go there... i already have to drive into toronto today... no need to add any more sail to the perfect storm of rising blood pressure.

serial killers, child murderers... simply a no-brainer.


Anonymous said...

stephen Harper should work actively to bring back the death penalty.

This needs to be a large part of the next election campaign.

ironically, the word verification is "trona".

Don Sharpe said...

The death penalty itself isn't even good enough.
How about we execute the 5 worst criminals in every federal maximum security prison . . ... EVERY MONTH.
It wouldn't take long to 'turn around' and 'rehabilitate' the current prison system with a program like this in place.