16 October 2010

From the... "Can't live with 'em..."

"...can't kill 'em" files...sharia wisdom

"He may be disciplined, and he may be made to ask forgiveness. That should be enough."


Bec said...

The backward mindset of this a-hole IS the problem.

Women can be raped and are raped by spouses. It's another function of domestic abuse and is rarely reported and unfortunately, this act often results in further physical and emotional abuse because of the under reporting and stigma.

I'm not suggesting that their isn't the rare case of women raping men while married but in either case, it needs to be recognized and treated in the same way as a civilian rape.

Proof, proof, proof, period! Put up the evidence ladies, make it legit and give value to the reality to this issue because anyone that does this or legitimizes this crime is an enabler.

Neo Conservative said...

geez... can't imagine why a handsome, personable guy like this would have to force a teenaged wife (from an arranged marriage) to have sex.

and with the official religious sanction it just makes this domestic abuse in the muslim community that much more difficult to deal with.

funny how all those rules seem to work just the one way.