27 October 2010

Old School

Flowery speeches & airy-fairy promises notwithstanding... most people actually do give a crap that the trains run on time...

That was always Ford's claim to fame: that even if you didn't live in his ward, he returned your call.

If you were wrapped up in red tape and called Rob Ford, an hour or maybe a day later, the tape got snipped. The Wheeltrans showed up at your elderly mother's door.

That stupid problem you'd been screaming at bureaucrats about got taken care of.

Everyone in Toronto knows a Rob Ford story like that.
More importantly... fearmongering aside... it looks as though Hogtown is ready for a fresh start...
Half a dozen incumbents, including David Miller loyalists Sandra Bussin and Adrian Heaps, were knocked out. Conservative-minded newcomers, such as Mary-Margaret McMahon, were voted in.

And the mushy middle, which tended to vote alongside Miller, was sent a message to swing right. Ford will easily have more than 23 votes on council.


JA Goneaux said...

We always hear that we need more "representative" democracy, that our councils and legislatures need to reflect diversity, so that people can vote for people who look and sound like them.

But what happens when I vote for a guy who looks and talks like me? Apparently, that's not allowed...

This political correctness is a tough thing to figure out, isn't it?

Ford won because he's that very rare creature: a politician who doesn't talk down to you.

And this isn't a left-right thing either, as Harper is finding out (re: signing Fantino's nomination papers).

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... a politician who doesn't talk down to you."

more to the point... a politician who isn't just all hot air... ford apparently gets stuff done.

i'll take results over pretty every time.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Ford always answered my emails and helped me with a TTC issue and I live in the Ward 14 area with no links to Mr.Fords Ward.
I also gave my opinion on what I think will solve some TTC problems while reducing some of the vehicle traffic Down-Town based on my experience for Commercial Moving and Courriers. Mr.Ford liked the ideas because they were sound and viable while the Union jobs would be saved,but since Miller wasn't paying me to solve his problems after the Election promises....I didn't waste my time bailing him out on my sweat and research.