26 October 2010

Coming soon... to a neighbourhood...

...near you...

Omar Khadr’s sentence will not change if he transfers to a Canadian prison cell, but he would hit the jackpot when it comes to parole.

In the United States, prisoners have little chance of being paroled until they have served 85 per cent of their prison sentence, Mr. Greenspan said.

In contrast, Mr. Greenspan said that Canadian inmates are usually eligible for some form of parole after they have served one-third of their sentences.

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LAST WORD: None so blind...
Not even a guilty confession by Canada’s most notorious poster boy for child soldiering can coax his ardent supporters into accepting the now 24-year-old Omar Khadr is a terrorist and a war criminal.

They still imagine him as the baby-faced teenager splashed across the pages of newspapers, led astray by a father who also, at one time, lay rotting inside a prison for charges of terrorism.


Alberta Girl said...

I see the lefties are out in force voting in that poll....probably couldn't sleep after finding out that Ford won the election.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm not sure what the lunatic left thinks omar is gonna do after he hits the bricks in the gta.

call me wacky, but i just can't see him in a tim hortons uniform.