27 October 2010

Yet another "slow news day"...

...in the nation's capital...
good grief

"She had to be 300 pounds," says Labelle. She's lying prone on her back on top of me. ... She's totally covering me. There's nothing I can do."

"I couldn't breathe. I thought I was going to have a heart attack." --
Fortunately... it looks like there's a way VIA Rail can make up for their horrific negligence in not banning morbidly obese people from their trains & premises... it's, surprise, surprise... a free sleeper-car trip back to B.C.

Good gawd... this is journalism? Seriously?

I can't wait for tomorrow's riveting investigative tour de force on dirty gas station bathrooms.


Frances said...

She should be suing the woman who toppled atop her. Surely Via can produce a passenger list - if court-requested. Why should Via pay for the stupidity of a passenger?

Neo Conservative said...

hang on... whatever happened to no harm, no foul?

we're not talking paralysis here... she's willing to be bought off for a train ticket.