29 October 2010

The Turkey Baster Chronicles

Hey, I know you... you're that messed-up chick whose mom needs a man... like a fish needs a bicycle...

"A study from the Commission on Parenthood's Future found children conceived by sperm donation are more likely to suffer from isolation and depression, and are roughly twice as likely as biological children to struggle with substance abuse."
Hmmm... there's a couple of possibilities that jump out here.

Either donor sperm is somehow inherently substandard... or people who jump through these kind of hoops to have children make crappier parents.

Who exactly said there is a human right to have children anyway?

Does creating test-tube progeny, or purchasing discarded baby girls from China solve... or simply facilitate... social injustice?

And why are untold sums of money being spent on these type of things, when Canadian children are languishing in the "care system"... unable to find permanent loving homes?

I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Great rant! And I know you are agnostic..or atheist, but you and I agree on this:
People mess up life when they want to play 'God'.


Neo Conservative said...

i have some friends who have both natural & adopted children... and at one point they went to their adopted son and told him that his "birth mother" had contacted them and wanted to see him.

their son simply replied... "no thanks... i already have parents."

i have another friend who sought out his biological parents only to find out his father was a disinterested, promiscuous trucker... and his aboriginal mom was, according to one of his 14 messed up unadopted siblings... an alcoholic aboriginal woman who was better off not being found.

your parents are the people who loved you & raised you... the sperm & egg donors are incidental to that process.


Pissedoff said...

maybe if Canadian women didn't murder so many unborn babies there would be enough at home to adopt.

Now wait for the whineing to begin.

Neo Conservative said...

trust me, there is no shortage of "unmurdered" children out there in "the system."

unfortunately this isn't about saving children. in large measure it's about gratifying, at whatever cost, these folks egos.

and apparently, littering the landscape with damaged human beings.

talk about a lose-lose situation.


The Grey Lady said...

I used to work in the protection industry and yes it is a self perpetuating money making industry, it is true that there are many many children in the system that could be adopted.

Unfortunately the system it's self discourages folks and the children themselves from being adopted. When you give a six year old the right to not be adopted by anyone, they cling to the fantasy that the birth parent, no matter how unfit is going to one day get them back.

You have judges and the system that allows parents years to get their act together. A mother may give birth to their fourth baby that are born addicted to heroin, crack are kept in care for years while parents play the game and the children suffer..even if all previous children have been removed from the parent for one reason or another, the parent is still given a clean stale for each additional child to shape up.

You have mothers that have gone to jail for murdering a previous child and still they are given every chance to keep the newest one, even if they have had 3 or 4 children since then taken away due to parental behavior.

Always the children are expensed at the whims of the parents and gutless judges...

Neo Conservative said...

"grey lady says... You have mothers that have gone to jail for murdering a previous child and still they are given every chance to keep the newest one"

good gawd... i got nuthin'.


maryT said...

Very good friends of ours adopted 2 children after years of trying to have their own, and then did have 4 of their own. Great parents to all of them. The girls biological mother eventually tried to make contact and her mother said it was her decision. She was married and had kids of her own. They did meet and discovered that they had worked in the same office bldg for years and had often rode the elevator together. The girl told her birth mother that she had made the right decision as she has slept in the same room for 18 years, had the same school friends for 12 years, same community support all her life. Her birth mother had 5 other kids, moved around between provinces, and finally got her life together. Since her adoptive parents died after long lives, she is sort of connected to her birth family, like one is with distant friends.
On the other hand, her brother was not interested in connecting with his birth family. Both of them will always consider their adoptive parents as their parents and are part of all family events.